About My Reviews

I have no rhyme or reason on why I review the individual titles I review; this blog is an arbitrary review of what I decide to read. Sometimes it could be that a cover caught my interest, I read something interesting about the book, or simply because I haven’t read enough books on a particular shelf on my bookcase.

There is no pattern to my reviews or reading, I enjoy everything: novels, short story collections, poetry, drama, and non-fiction – especially history. When I review a title I try to focus on what I like and place it in the larger literary context. No book is perfect; why spend your time frolicking in the negative when your day could be much brighter – unless of course the book really is terrible.

For you publicists out there – I have become rather reluctant over the years to take review copies. I feel an implied obligation to do a positive review and I feel time pressured to get the book read and reviewed (which can be difficult with an infant and a very busy career). With that being said, I am willing to do reviews from reputable publishers if the book does genuinely interest me. Below are some guidelines for inquiring about reviews:

  • Titles must be from established publishing houses (preferably independent). I will not accept either self-published or works from vanity presses.
  • Review copies must be in hard copy – no ebooks.
  • I am happy to review poetry, drama, literary fiction – novels and short stories, and literary non-fiction (preferably history). I give preference to Atlantic Canadian authors.
  • As either a publicist or author, please familiarize yourself with my site to ensure a title you want reviewed fits with my site – I’m not reviewing your self help book about life after divorce or your propagandist anti-evolutionary book you wrote for your church (these are real examples).
  • Unsolicited books sent to me after you get my address will likely not reviewed – but thanks.
  • There are no guarantees on when reviews will appear after I receive the title or whether it will be a “good” review. I will mention the publisher and will link to pages where the book can be purchased.

If you would like to contact me about reviewing your book. Please contact me at aaronbrown876[at]gmail[dot]com or use the form below.

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